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Numerous patents, which are the work of our Research & Development Bureau, now have wide industrial applications around the world and numerous international awards bear witness to the extraordinary inventive and developmental potential, primarily our founders and other young engineers. The strength of our structural and development office are not only modern software and programs, but also extraordinary forty engineers, led by founder and owner of the company, which is “spiritus movens" of all research and creative solutions. Bekto Precisa is able to provide project turnaround without affecting the high quality our costumers demand.

The system design and programming tools and other products we use programs like
    TopSolid 2008
    TopSolid 2009
    Topsolid 2011,
    CATIA V5R19,
    AlphaCAM and other modern technical developments necessary for the development and production of tools, different products and patents.

Before beginning of tools production an accurate and detailed design is necessary. Most of our customers requires construction design. If the client has his own design it's possible to import the same, work on it and access the tool production. Our constructional tools automaticly write programs for our machines that allows us to produce complex tools very precisely. We use CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools. As parto of our service/design of products, we provide our customers expert analysis for ideal materials, final processing, prediction and elimination of potential problems. For production of tools we use the latest technological achievements, which allows better precision and qualty of tools production.

In the production of any component the most important part is tool. Bearing this in mind, every tool is needed to produce using the best standards , the right design, because it can optimize the production and give the best performance in production process. A good tool will enable faster, more efficient manufacturing processes with the best tolerance and time of production. Our advanced CNC machines in combination with 3D CAD systems allows us to produce tools with maximum accuracy and minimum time. Our advanced machine park in combination with sofware and skills of our designers and engineers makes Bekto Precisa unrivaled in quality, development time and cost.

Manufacture of tools of the highest quality and precision injection plastic and cast parts is the heart of our factory. All of our CNC machines are connected with CAD / CAM workstations. The tools are modeled in three dimensions using modern CAD / CAM systems, which allow us to develop 3D data over the 3D structures that control the complete chain of CNC machining - all the way to the final stage. In three related tool room design, engineer and produce top industrial tools of various sizes and complexity that puts us among the best tool houses of Europe. Almost no serious manufacturer in the automotive industry that does not use at least a few tools produced in "Bekto Precisa" in Gorazde. Combination of knowledge and experience and exceptional creativity in designing tools, our company has made recognizable by many manufacturers of plastic products. The company that once commissioned a tool in our tooshops, became our regular customer because we offer only the best. Without excellent tools there are no excellent products. The tools of "Bekto Precise" always offer a more than a solution.


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