Representatives of Belarusian reputable companies in Bekto Precisa

Our visit to Belarus at the end of last year is followed by a return visit of Administration Gomel Raton , Gennady Baikačova and company Agrokomplekta, Viktor Lavrinenko . During the visit in Gorazde and our company guests from Belarus were thoroughly acquainted with the production of our company and Hella Bekto Industries as well as the possible establishment of production facilities of our factory in Gomel - Belarus.
After extensive discussions with the Management of Bekto Precisa , Belarus delegation proposed to conclude a contract on business and technical cooperation between the Administration Gomel Raton, Agrokomplekta and Bekto Precisa as a basis for future steps that will follow in the coming months .
Guests from Belarus were thrilled with what they saw in our company , though , as they pointed out , did not have too high expectations . " We know little about Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we could not even imagine that there is a quality company like this and it will be an honor to work with Bekto Precisa that can help us to modern technologies and products come in Gomel , from which we can supply the markets of Belarus , the Russian Federation , Kazakhstan and Baltic countries . This is exactly what we need , "said Gennady Baikačov .

SAP Implementation

We are in phase of implementing SAP information system. Implementation will last one year.

The product of SAP AG, SAP ERP, is a business information system that enables companies display an accurate and thorough review of their operations. The system can include the overall operations of the company with business processes or just parts, or modules, of which consists of SAP ERP system.

The modules, grouped by application to:

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