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Our company has certificates such as ISO 14001 Enviromental management, OHSAS 18001 Health and safety management and ISO 9001 Quality management. Since the business policy of Bekto Precisa is focused to continue improvements and investments in the expansion of the company, Management has made a decision for the implementation of ISO 27001 standard.

  • 27/07/15


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In Sarajevo City Hall, at a Gala evening and dinner „Lady Boss“, were selected the most successful entrepreneurs of the year in our country, by which is officially completed the second manifestation of the Days of Women's Entrepreneurship. "Lady Boss". Awards were divided in 4 categories: micro business, small, medium and big business.

  • 17/05/15

The Most preferred employer

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Portal is implementing project „ The Most preferred employer“ for nine years. It starts with two months research and after that they are ranking selected most preferred employers. In researchment are include respondents from all parts of Bosina and Herzegovina.

  • 24/04/15

Stamp of Vecernjak

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Enisa Bekto, entrepreneur of the year selected by Vecernji list Mostar On the fourteenth annual event Stamp of Vecernjak, sponsored by the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, awards has been handed from different aspects of social life. In category,...

  • 27/02/15

Project in development: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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After proposal made by globaly renown and famous Saudi company SABIC to consider the possibility for BP to start production with German Hella in KSA, BP Management has decided, in collaboration with Hella, to accede to the realization of the necessary steps which should be taken with regards to the final decision on the formation of companies to manufacture products from their product range, for which there is market interest in KSA, GCC countries, Iraq and other countries.

  • 09/03/14

Project in development: Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan

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Thanks to business reputation, product quality and innovative human resourses and technologies,BP has received and accepted a preliminary offer from business and governmental circles of Belarus to exemine the possibility of launching joint production in the countries of the Customs Union: Belarus, The Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

  • 15/02/14

Project in implementation: New Factory Gorazde

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Thanks to the rapid development and market demand, BP had to expand the existing production capacity. Construction of a new factory located on the area of 85000 square meters began mid 2013 in the new business zone in our town, registered under the name of the EBI, which is entirely owned by Bekto family.

  • 03/02/14
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