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In our plants for plastics spraying a product of superior quality which are widely used in auto, sports, electrical, mechanical and other industries to the highest manufacturing standards of the European Union. Thanks to the most modern technologies and equipment that is equipped our factory, we are able to fulfill all the requirements of our customers at the optimum time at very affordable prices.

Here we inject numerous auto parts for BMW, AUDI, PORSCHE, MERCEDES,LAMBORGHINI, VOLKSWAGEN, KNORR BREMSE, VALEO, and security bindings for the world-renowned manufacturer of ski equipment Fischer and Marker and their own products which are used in a number of industrial areas and the necessities of life: different measurement and cable cabinets, chairs for stadiums, halls and waiting rooms, LED bulbs and many others.

State of the art machinery to produce the closing force from 20 to 500 tons, and the possibilities of processing all types of plastic PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA6/PA6.6, POM, PMMA, PC, PPO, with and without the fiber content up to 50% has a capacity which can produce millions of different series of products to our customers.

In line with the global development of modern technology, our company always implement the most modern production methods of our products is characterized by the highest level of quality.

In the department of plastic injection perform "decorative molding" - In mold labeling, which is the latest technology of injection, with investment label that substitute direct printing. The application of this new technology investments already printed label provides a number of advantages in the design, and the whole system is much more flexible production.