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Due to its business reputation, "Bekto Precisa" a few years ago set up a joint company with the prestigious German company HELLA, manufacturing and distribution of industrial, household and street LED lighting.

The average lifespan of the new modern lighting laboratory was estimated at more than 12 years, and energy savings exceeding 60%. In accordance with the policy of reducing global warming and CO2 emissions, this lighting technology is currently ranked in the best solution in the world.

Years of experience in manufacturing of lighting fixtures in the automotive, HELLA is used for the development of street and industrial LED lighting and our joint venture HELLA BEKTO INDUSTRIES is the only manufacturer of lighting throughout the region.

"BP" LED bulb is 133 times longer-lived than conventional, her life is 50,000 hours and laboratory measurements indicate the savings in electricity consumption up to 80%.

Our engineering teams are preparing photometric studies for each location which makes investors very much for buying exactly as light as needed for lighting streets, squares, garages, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other facilities that are subject to the implementation of the "smart lighting". In a series of many common products in the field of LED lighting, our company has developed and manufactured its own LED bulbs for home use, which has surpassed all previous products of this kind.