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In our assembly plants to over 2000 square meters, we offer our customers all types of assembling and finishing subassemblies and assemblies at a special equipment and machines in ideal conditions. Subassemblies and assemblies for mounting of parts manufactured in our factory as well as from parts supplied by the customer or by ourselves as a replacement for the customers.

Our assembly department also has a multi-colored top machines for printing as well as machines for packing and shipping of the final product.

Assembly departments are devided into two sectors: sector for automated assembly, and sector for manual assembly. Sector for manual assembly is focused on the demanding assembly projects, where is necessary to pay attention on the entire business process from the materials input, assembly, checking of quality and final packaging and distribution. Sector for automated assembly uses machines for product assembling, which allows automatic assembly both for larger and smaller amounts.

Tampon printing, we also have, opens up new possibilities and options that are much better and cheaper than conventional printing methods. Pad printing is used for labeling the parts fitting storage, signaling elements, components for the automotive industry and electro department.