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Bekto Precisa" is a family company with decades of business experience in the production of highly sophisticated industrial tools for plastic and non-ferrous metals, as well as a combination of metal-plastic, as well as many products that spraying of plastic which are widely used in many industries and everyday life use. Initially planned as a small family business, "Bekto Precisa" has grown into a company of European format which covers more than 50,000 square meters, over 300 modern mashines and whose factories employ about 400 people. With a fully comprehensive system of production, from idea to final product, has become unique in the entire region of Southeast Europe. What previously had to deal with multiple vendors for certain products, our customers now have everything in one place: quality, fast and under very favorable conditions.

Our vision and strategy is to offer customers the best service and products by establishing an individual approach to each customer, and based on the recognition of their specific requirements and needs of the opportunity we have in the most optimal way to meet their demands and orders. Product quality and customer satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction. Our fundamental goal is to constantly improve service quality, which is a continuous process, and we confirmed our efforts through the successful development of products for world renowned customers.

High quality and professional employees, high level of knowledge, constantly investing in new technologies are the main advantages of our company. Our qualified employees, technical equipment and software allows us to offer technologically advanced services and support.

"Bekto Precisa" is synonym for reliability, trust, quality and success.